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Pro​-​Exclusive EP

by The Procussions

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The Pro-Exclusive series is an outlet for extra ideas, spontaneous art, collaborations, non-album releases, and whatever else we want to do musically...and it's all free.


released July 9, 2013

Written by: Mr. J. Medeiros, Stro Elliot
Produced by: Stro Elliot



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Track Name: "EXPLOSIAAAN!"

[Verse 1 Mr. J. Medeiros]
Yo, microphone check one two who is this
Who’s crew’s relentless true few will witness
You through the fences new school invented new rules
We bent them bruised tooled and sent them
Fooled doing the who’s who dance with a pool que
Breaking my jewels to fake romance with a news crew
All I hear is loose stool, cool I’ll reinvent them
Snub em stuff em full of wool and pull a Jim Henson
I got no malice intent I’m like the Clipse camping
More like Chris Hansen at your phallic attempts to get these kids dancing
But I don’t Datelines I keep them timeless
Lead them through the grape vine
Feed them to the wine press
You know it takes time rhyming for the payoff
1999 and can’t seem to find a day off
Might be hard to find in a scene full of Adolfs
Teens with their hands up seen with their brains off

[Verse 2 Stro Elliot]
Give me the beat
I'm awful lonely rockin A Capella's put me to sleep
Leave me a drum machine I need the meter reachin the peak
Speaker to leak a sermon, turn it up and learn with your feet
And do that Sherman Hemsley, George Jefferson for the geeks
They yell Attention, why these other rappers taking a seat?
I'm off my rocker like I'm Mel Gibson after the beep
Never mind that slight stutter I speak in broken English
Bout a scholarship short a degree
Yeah, I ain't finished
But I'm well versed, and this verse well inside the curriculum
Of Melle Mel, Mos Def, Eminem, Rakim and them
That........penetrates adamantium body types
You Rony Seikaly, old flames death by water fight
Innocent criminal profile identical
Your child expendable, no trial for him
Now when the revolution strikes midnight
It's gonna hit em' when we take to the streets
With black hoodies and bags of Skittles.


[Verse 3 Mr. J. Medeiros]
Haggler spitting what he sell on the crowd
Could Gallagher make a hit without a melon around
Felon and proud pelican fly come on pelican
Now how that sound flamingo
Gringo like a smile leaving
My style beating any rap cliché leaving knots macramé
Wait wasn’t that a rap cliché
Dropping raps like that call him cast aways
For those who lack will-son back away

[Verse 4 Stro Elliot]
You must be looking for that faster way
20 grand in your hand, planning on giving them cash for play
20 spins for the win, but wait...what's your name again?
A dime a dozen they say, more like a dollar now
Every dog has a day, but where's your collar now
Ya'll getting carried away, why even bother now
Childs play, ya'll stay put I'm calling your father now

Track Name: Virginia Wolf
Virginia Wolf

[Verse 1 Stro Elliot]
She gets mad when I don't say enough
She mad when I'm around, mad I'm out of town
She tellin me ain't doin much
And my job is only barely a job
I'm like a child in my sandbox playing house
Oblivious to a fault, content being ignored
I'm absent, a bore
And on top of it all obnoxious
And I don't bring her flowers anymore
I take time and never give it
Even when I ain't busy
I don't make an effort to call
I make a living out of, making her livid
Because I never get upset
Means I don't care enough to make it an issue
I don't, listen or pay attention or mention her hair color
Stare at other women in lust, catching a glare from her
She wonders if I'm lookin to make a trade
Is this part of the game thinkin
Maybe I should just leave

[Hook Stro Elliot]
I'll stay here
Don't know why
Thinkin maybe I should just..


[Verse 2 Stro Elliot]
I get mad soon as she start yelling
Mad she being loud
With my cousin around
She pick apart everything I tell her
She do it cause she enjoys
To see me get annoyed
She's often got her friend up
Tellin when I'm out, I'm about
Cheating and she believing what's out her mouth
She got a problem with everybody
She's oblivious to the fact THAT friend be tryin to holla at me
Holla at me
It's my fault she hate her job?
Telemarketer she quit studying Pre-law
It's never her, she's never late
She's never wrong
She never did it, she don't fidget
She don't snore
She used to waste alot of money
But not anymore?
She still in the mirror I'm holding the front door
She's ready to go, You ready to go?!
Let's go!
I'm staring at the front porch thinkin
Maybe I should just leave

[Hook Stro Elliot]
Track Name: Fall to Fly
Fall to Fly

[Verse 1 Mr. J. Medeiros]
Dealing with demons got them feeling secluded
And muted without a clue how to heal them
We call them in our confusion to hear that they miss us
But I fear that this sickness well it’s mirror depicted
Leave us here with no witness
And though it’s clear as forgiveness what’s in us is our own secrets
We frequently swallow regrets
And follow tomorrows events with hollow hours of sleep
The sorrow borrowed was deep and now it’s on us to keep
Throwing flowers out at their feet
What started as darkness found its way through the anger
First we viewed it as heartless from the mood of a stranger
Now it’s newly upon us for every night has it’s dawning
These are the feelings you go through
When you fight through the mourning
Couldn’t force them to live found remorse in a sieve
We are more then our death need a force to forgive
Higher forces at play shinning as the source of our day
Keep us reminded of our timing and how often it change

[Hook Stro Elliot]
Every single day I watch time pass by
Watch a man fall
Choose to fly

[Verse 2 Mr. J. Medeiros]
How could you take what you haven’t invented
Yet at the beginning you ended it
We could have laughed we could have mended it
You could have asked before you attempted it
Now forgetting it isn’t an option
But I’m letting you out of that coffin
Remembering you as a friend
As someone I love and think of too often
When I drink to get lost or when I think of the cost
Make me a cross now it’s over and done
Sober me up in the sun then take me across
To a day where you’re a good memory
And the pain is as good as a melody
And I play it as if you were telling me
This is how you should remember me
Just tell them we couldn’t hate them we hated we couldn’t save them
The weight of it all was living forgive them
The way it ate them was hidden like face paintings
We trace statements and place blame
Staying patient on the days we can’t change
Grateful for what they gave us
Those days will always be famous
And though they have flown away
We know it’s not to where their grave is
In our hearts is where they take us
The oddities that make us
Searching for our God in the chaos

[Hook Stro Elliot]
Every single day I watch time pass by
Watch a man fall
Choose to fly

[Mr. J. Medeiros]
When your mind is racing facing the trouble of a dead friend
Struggling with dead ends you gotta cut a new path
Save the day’s they left with you and everything they meant to you
Plant it in the dust they left and trust it to make new grass
Track Name: Moon and Back
Moon and Back

[Verse 1 Mr. J. Medeiros]
Two people like a pair of dice
Thrown together in a gamble for a paradise
You know forever to a man is a fair price
For a pair of eyes you don’t have to stare twice
Cus when that first sight leads to a first night
She don’t have to worry when he leaves
He returns right back to the glance that he stole
A soul for a soul the instant she was seen
He was sold now they owe for the distance in between
Getting close growing old will it fit inside this dream
No one knows till they fold and show their hands right
I mean the left with the golden band right?
You make a bet he’s the only man like
He makes a bet your coming home again right?
No regrets your with him on the nights he’s gone
The nights are long but you’re the light of dawn

[Hook Stro Elliot]
Your so far away but one thing remains a fact
I’ma love you to the moon and back
Your so far away but one thing remains a fact
I’ma love you to the moon and back remember that

[Verse 2 Stro Elliot]
Good morning love she says
Good morning back at you
You picked up quick, don't mean to laugh at you
I'm out east this week, something I wanna ask you
Geno's or Pat's for lunch
Don't get mad after this I'm rockin salad
To cap the calorie count
It's funny how she balance me out
I ain't written a vow
But it's simply a formality now
She's simply the better half of me now
Now I'm simply wishing I could just have her around
She got a piece around her neck
The only piece of me she carries around
A piece of my heart
A key she can unlock with it now
The fellas asking if I'm lockin it down
They can see it on my face
Impatient, but I'm willing to wait
Our souls together forever in fate
I sit around thinkin
We ain't perfect, but we perfectly match
And I'ma love you to the moon and back
Remember that

[Hook Stro Elliot]
Your so far away but one thing remains a fact
I’ma love you to the moon and back
Your so far away but one thing remains a fact
I’ma love you to the moon and back remember that
Track Name: LUSH feat. Alice Amelia

[Verse 1 Mr. J. Medeiros]
She said
You would be high too
If you had to live the life that I do
I view it blindly before he finds me
And reminds me of why my eye droops
I’m alive cus I’m cute and see these jeans
I keep them for the men who love sex with preteens
And think I’m mute
They invest in these dreams to sink my youth
In their sweat
In their spit
See I’ve been kicked by boots
And then left with each hit to sip my truth
He said I give these girls a home
I teach them how to live in these streets
You see the love I’ve shown
It keeps the rocks lit feening the cockpit
The highlife thinking she’s my wife
When she is my profit
Just one of three in my pocket
And I’m the reason she would die
If she lied
You see my eye socket she cried
He did it with a table leg
Whips me with a cable
On the days that I’m unable to pay

[Hook Alice Amelia]
It’s the eyes that betray you
They were never your best friends
Two liars with the same truth
But the touch don’t pretend

[Verse 2 Mr. J. Medeiros]
Promised something glamorous
Harnessed by a man they trust
Their arms legs and candidness are ours to take advantage of
In cars bars and random truck stops in tandem
A lush stock for any man copping with a hand of bucks
Planted in a land of Bucks they call it manning up
To call a girl who can’t stand you up
Bandaging a cut brandishing a gun
Damaged by the mannish ones
Dangerous to those to whom it grows unmanaged
It’s the sum of a cruel world
Where girls recruit girls
And leave them on the corner for the troops
Or leave them for the coroner to screw
Or the officers who knew and never told their officers the truth
The coupe once a coffin to the often lost and stranded
Moved into the offices of those we thought upstanding
Moved with all the awfulness of bliss when you caught up in the mist
Taking hits of the softness you have branded

[Hook Alice Amelia]
It’s the eyes that betray you
They were never your best friends
Two liars with the same truth
But the touch don’t pretend
It’s a lush world
Track Name: Forenoon
I’m afraid of what she means to me
I’m ashamed of how mean I can be
I bow scene after scene
I’m proud, being like me is loud
Defending a cloud
Pretending that I’m seen by a crowd
How to handle a narcissist caught in his own reflection
Vandalize it with causes that cost him his own rejection
Only for a second though as if to check the rope
Before you swing into the air and let it go
Moving glaciers is our human nature
Snowmen I seek no man grooming his nomenclatures
I need a silent time to dim a vibrant mind
Dare me in the dark scare me with the light I find
Like in a diamond mine these round brilliant brown filaments eyes
They find me and my villain disguise
Now who am I to despise myself
And love me at the same time, realize thyself
Mapped by all senses trapped by all tenses
Clap by all means it weans the apprehensive
The all seeing defenses bat at all things it deems offensive
Drew a pistol when just a kiss will do
Even when I can’t stand you I miss you too
See the world like a missile do
Never stalling in the launch or pausing in the arch
Just falling to a home I built leaving it charred
Breathing is hard
The wheezing I disregard
There’s only one reason
I mean glory
I mean charge like in Glory
Glory as in the mornings
She charge me in the light and write in me a story
Till morning turns to night
And I cease to charge
Give me peace and a reason to recharge
Safety, this is what it made me
New world no escape key
Shake me like a baby if I cry too much
Fell in love with a world but she lied too much
Fell in love with a girl who’s eyes do touch
Who’s hands do see
Who finds me clutched
To this stool
To this side of the pool
My cars outside
Putting on my face
Because everybody’s miming
The bar is just an honest place
Where everybody’s lying
Odd timing when I’m telling a joke
To keep the swelling in my throat
From developing hope
Who’s selling me that soap but a bloke in the mire
Throwing me his pitch as coach and umpire
Came to get a hit with his throat on fire
He came blaming the rich for a blown out tire
I said I’m quite certain we in a light curtain
Staring into the night like is this mic working
I fight versions of me to find the right person
See how his sight serves him and if he likes Gershwin
Certainly it’s him
Certainty is thin
Sure as the shylock working me within
I call a truce
Found the exit in the excuse
The fit noose getting loose
With every sipped goose
The golden droplet
Hold it hostage in an eyebrow
Bulging sockets only profit
When you lie down
Putting on a face
Cus everyone is miming
The bar is just an honest place
Where every body’s lying
In outer space a fire timing
Higher climbing
Throwing silver to the sky lining
Good morning